Signorelli: E20’s Gold Medal Brunch

Despite opening less than six months ago, Signorelli Bakery and Pasticceria is already a favourite of locals in the area.
And for good reason&...

The Signorelli Bakery

It has in its short life already become a local’s favourite.              ...

E20 vision: why the Olympic district is London's hippest new postcode

From the wooden crates artfully arranged next to the counter and piled high with fresh lemons to the cute clipboards on to which menus are fixed, eve...

Catering and events
Italian bread £80.00 4hr

Italian bread was developed to accompany simple flavorsome dishes. It is fluffy and airy with the use of extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs; this type of bread is great for home cooking. We will also show you how you can use alternative and traditional flours to get your ideal result.

Pizza making £55.00 3hr

We all love pizza but it is hard to get it perfect! Our class will teach you how to make the perfect dough and tomato sauce. Once you know all the tricks you can relax and enjoy your pizza with a glass of fresh Prosecco in our cafe!

This is a nudge to our wonderful suppliers who have supported us at the start of our business to ensure we bring the best quality raw ingredients to our teams creations. You can also buy these products in our cafe to enjoy at home!